Staying at a bed and breakfast is a cheap and convenient way to tour different parts of the world without having to spend so much on accommodation. If you are in Edinburgh, some of the places where you can stay are as follows.

The Hedges

The reason why this bed and breakfast is rated highly is that it is close to the city centre. The fact that this bed and breakfast is homely gives it even more character. Some of the amenities you will get at The Hedges include free wifi and a serene environment, which is perfect if you have had a long day and just need to unwind. You can get free parking in the neighbourhood, but this is always subject to availability.

No. 53 Frederick Street

Located right at the centre of the city, this bed and breakfast has spacious and neat spaces for people who are looking for a cosy place to stay. It has an intimate touch, with just 12 rooms, and what makes it even better is the fact that they serve fresh food based on the seasons. They have free wifi, and the rooms are well decorated.

McCrae’s Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for a place which has an intimate feel and you do not have to share a room with several other people, you should try McCrae’s bed and breakfast. It is located in the city’s quiet residential area. It only takes in a few people and being there feels like being home away from home. They have en suite rooms and free wifi. They also have flat-screen TVs in the rooms and visitors are allowed to make their own tea or coffee.

Ramsay’s Bed and Breakfast

This bed and breakfast serves a full Scottish breakfast which comes with continental options. Their rooms are intimate and clean, and some of them have a garden view.