If you are travelling to Edinburgh on a budget, there are many attractions that you can visit without spending money. Some of the places where you can go free of charge are as follows.

Royal Botanical Garden

This beautiful garden is located one mile from the city centre. For people looking for a tranquil place where they can escape to be with their thoughts, this botanical garden that sits on a 72 acre of land offers the best scenery. You will get a fantastic view of the skyline, and you will also get to learn about the history of Edinburgh. They have a glasshouse where you will see plants from different climatic zones.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

You do not have to be an artist to enjoy a trip to the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art. The gallery is made up of two buildings and the landscaping around the gallery is considered to be one of the most outstanding things about it. Inside, you will find a collection of art from both the popular and established artists and the upcoming ones. The gallery also has sessions where you can see performances from artists and exhibitions.

St.Giles Cathedral

This cathedral was founded in 1124, and it was part of the Scottish Reformation. This cathedral is regarded as the church where Presbyterianism took root. It gets visitors from different parts of the world and has shielded the history of modern religion. The cathedral acts as a place where concerts, civic ceremonies, and lecturers are held.

The Dean Village

The Dean Village is located five minutes from Princes Street. It is where milling of water from the mills would take place, and there are still remains of the activities that can be seen when people visit. They have stone plaques and millstones that solidify the history of the place. There is also Well Court, the residence where people who worked at the watermills stayed.