Visiting any country requires a high level of preparation and knowledge so that the stay can be smooth. When visiting Edinburgh, it is important to understand some of the dynamics that make it interesting and different. Some of the things to know when booking a stay in Edinburgh are:

Areas to Shop

If you love shopping while on a trip, you should probably know the places to avoid shopping while in Edinburgh. Most souvenir shops at Royal Mile should be avoided. Since these shops get a lot of visitors, the people who sell their wares there tend to be overpriced and produce poor quality goods. It is better to shop in small shops or supermarkets. Most legit shopping places have a place where you can Store your bags in Edinburgh so that you do not have to keep walking with heavy luggage.

Know the Currency

It is important to know the currency you will be using while shopping around. The Sterling Pound is used in both Scotland and England. Scotland has its own distinctive banknotes that have distinct features such as Scottish heroes and animals but they are acceptable in Scotland and the areas around.

Understand their Culture

The culture of the Scottish people is unique to them. You may encounter men wearing kilts that are a form of pleated skirts. They also have unique food and they always have cultural art exhibitions. It helps to learn a few words of the Scottish language to help you maneuver around.

Know the Weather

The weather in Edinburgh can be extremely cold. The fact that there is a sea around the area makes it even colder. It always helps to carry an extra jacket or sweater so that you do not spend your whole holiday shivering in the cold. There will be days when the weather can be a little warm, but Scotland is generally a cold area.