If you are in Edinburgh or you are thinking of visiting soon, you should know that there are many tourists attraction sites. Some of the places that you should propose to visit when you are in Edinburgh are as follows.

Edinburgh Castle

The Edinburgh Castle is considered the most famous landmark in Scotland. It is one of the places where tourists visit the most when they are in Britain. Some of the things you will see while at the castle are: the half-moon battery parade and the crown jewels that are housed in the royal palace. There are also many historical items found at the Edinburgh Castle.

The Royal Mile

This is the street that links Edinburgh Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse. The street has churches, townhouses, and other historical landmarks that make it worth taking a stroll on those streets. There are also restaurants and museums around the Royal Mile. The tall buildings also give the place an interesting view, especially if you enjoy photography and you want to take photos from different angles.

Britannia Royal Yacht

This yacht is fast becoming one of Edinburgh’s great attractions. In the last past years, the Queen has been welcoming heads of states and other notable people from across the world into this luxurious yacht. The yacht was initially being used by the royal family before it was sent to the Britannia Visitor Centre at the Edinburgh port.

National Museum of Scotland

This museum was opened in 2011, and it immediately became a popular attraction in Scotland. It gets an average of two million people visiting every year. What makes the museum popular is the fact that it has collections drawn from many older museums in Edinburgh. They have medieval artefacts, historical items, and remains of Dolly, the sheep that was the first cloned mammal in the world. They also have a display of items from ancient Egypt.